Get Home Market Ready

Get Your Property Market Ready

CMF Builders work with homeowners, realtors, and investors.  We can do any kind of small or major renovation to the property before you put  it on the market for sale or rent.

Our “Get  Your Property Market Ready” is a complete renovation that takes the home current condition and transforms it into a finish product.   The changes typically increases the property value the highest and increases the chances of a faster sell.

How the Process Works

Our construction manager will meet with you and make a preliminary evaluation of your property.

If you have or are a Realtor is ideal that you are present during the walk-through.

Based of the evaluation you will be presented with options and recommendations about the optimal work to do to maximize the sale price of your property.

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Has your property been in the market for some time and you are getting only low ball offers or not offers at all?

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